Mr Cashback slot


Green is not just the casino color of hope, but also the design of the new Mr. Cashback video slot machines, which you can learn now available at William Hill. The game is made by Playtech and is distinguished by its successful graphics and various animations. The name of the slot’s no coincidence, because this game offers you in addition to tried and true specialty features a so-called cash back feature, which you certainly will be able to tap one or two euros.

On Mr. Cashback you can already play now. For this purpose, it is necessary to pre-registration and so you set up a separate player account. The procedure itself takes only a few minutes and is the basis for payments that you can make at any time of course. Just as you manage to earn real profits, where the probability of winning on Mr. Cashback is quite high.

Mr. Cashback is a modern slot, which consists of five reels and 15 paylines. Each line is evaluated individually, so it is quite possible to achieve multiple wins. A winning combination is generally from three to five symbols of the same type, which must appear starting from the left roller on adjacent reels. The game itself revolves about money. Corresponding symbols like money bags, money and bundles of notes the long-standing piggy bank in comic style determine the appearance of the slots and are supported by some map images. The more identical symbols appear, the higher your profit from – always made in relation to your use. The main thing is what Mr. Cashback around the same special function that is there next free spins and Jokers in the online casino, you simplify the profits a little. 50 game rounds to make a profit, at least in this game has something positive. You win nothing, waves after the 50th Round 50 times the use value you have chosen.

Certainly, one can assume that, on the one or the other winning line certainly far ahead of the 50th Round, a win is played. However, should one of the 15 lines 50 laps pay nothing, this is individually rewarded with cash back feature. Example: You always win in the first 50 rounds only on the first through twelfth line. However The lines 13, 14 and 15 pour from no profit. After the end of the 50th Round you will now receive your cashback on these three lines. Have you used one euro per row, waving three times 50 euros – a total of € 150 as profit. To keep an overview of the paylines that have so far paid no income, in addition to each row a timer was installed. He lights up in yellow and with time only orange and then red. This is the sign that the cashback is approaching. This feature alone is reason enough to you at least once to see the slot at William Hill Casino. And also in terms of graphics can Mr. Cashback points. The game runs liquid, is exciting and even very lucrative in the best case.

Another highlight at play, Mr. Cashback is the Joker. Five of them on a payline trigger a profit equivalent to 7,500 times your line bet. Also the Scatterbilder can prove quite useful. With their help you will receive free game rounds, soon as at least appear three scatter symbols. During the free spins random symbols are made phrases which will help you with that, to complete winning series and receive distributions. Ultimately, Mr. Cashback is a very sexy game, and also the only one with such a helpful cashback feature. This makes the slot especially exciting and rewarding and provides the desired voltage. Finally the luck decides which rows when no profit to distribute.